Oct 21

The Hollow Crown filming in Wells begins

Wells Cathedral and the surrounding area has been taken back in time with the arrival of The Hollow Crown - the sets look fantastic from just this brief glimpse. It seems Richard III scenes took place today but we do know that cast from Henry VI episodes are also due to arrive for filming at this location.

Photo by @RaW_Gaming

Photo by @RaW_Gaming

Photo by @mikesey1

Photo by @mikesey1

Photo by @RaW_Gaming

Photo by @RaW_Gaming

Photo by @mikesey1

Photo by @mikesey1

Oct 19

The Wells Journal on The Hollow Crown filming (& Philip Glenister)

First photos of Hollow Crown filming in Wells

The set outside Wells Cathedral is prepared for filming of The Hollow Crown

The set outside Wells Cathedral is prepared for filming of The Hollow Crown

THE GREEN in front of Wells Cathedral and Vicar’s Close has been dressed ready for filming of The Hollow Crown to start today.

Tourists and residents of the city could get used to the sight of the area being regressed through the centuries and the occasional car ban. The two filming locations look similar to the set design used for filming of Brave New World filmed in August last year.

The Hollow Crown is a plush production of William Shakespeare’s historical plays and producer Sam Mendes of American Beauty and Skyfall fame said principal photography has finished for the second series.

Source: http://www.wellsjournal.co.uk/photos-Hollow-Crown-filming-Wells-sign-Benedict/story-23260649-detail/story.html

We had some fun on @HollowCrownFans with @WellsJournal earlier:

WellsJournal_tweets 19 Oct 2014


Oct 17

Series 2 Filming in Wales

A slew of tweets over recent days shows Wales has been key to The Hollow Crown location filming recently:

St Donats Castle

Photo by Ben Jones

Photo by Ben Jones

This castle has been cited as one of the locations with Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in. For more info on the castle check out this page: http://www.castlewales.com/donats.html

Llantwit Major


Llantwit beach looking towards St Donats

Llantwit beach looking towards St Donats

No doubt some will recognise this beach from other BBC programmes!

Oct 14

Radio Times: Judi Dench & Benedict Cumberbatch’s “shocking” Richard III proposal

Judi Dench & Benedict Cumberbatch quoting from Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'

Judi Dench & Benedict Cumberbatch at the Hay Festival

Judi Dench is a busy lady, appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Sunday before being whisked off to Cardiff to continue filming on Richard III, one of three new Hollow Crown films being made by BBC2.

But the actress’s role in the Shakespeare adaptation is all thanks to her appearance at another festival earlier this year. Dench, 79, was in conversation with Richard Eyre at Hay Festival last June when Benedict Cumberbatch put her on the spot.

“It’s a shocking story,” recalls Dench. “We were doing Hay and I was instructing – I had to do the bits of Shakespeare that I remembered – and so I said to [Richard], ‘You have to say three lines of this.’ I was rehearsing and then Cumberbatch said ‘I’ll do that for you’.

“So he leapt up on stage to enormous applause and did these three lines and then went and sat down again and Richard said, ‘Any questions?’ and there was one question and Ben Cumberbatch turned to my friend David next door to him and said, ‘Shall I ask her?’ David said ‘Yes’ and [Cumberbatch] said, ‘Are you going to play my mother in Richard III?’

“It’s a very good way of being asked to do a part. You don’t mess about, you don’t spend ages dithering about it. When somebody asks you, say yes or no and I said yes.”


To read the full proposal ‘scene’ at Hay click HERE!


Source: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2014-10-13/judi-dench-tells-her-version-of-benedict-cumberbatchs-shocking-richard-iii-proposal

Oct 09

Hollow Crown filming move to Wells

Wells Journal reports on the next location of filming:


Cast and crew will be in Wells from October 19 until October 24, filming at Cathedral Green and Vicars’ Close – although the BBC press office has been tight-lipped about which of the cast will be headed to Wells.

Motor vehicles will be excluded from the area between 8am and 7pm on 19 – 21 October, between 10am and 11pm on October 22, 9am and 9pm on October 23 and 8am and 5pm on October 24.


Cathedral Green, Wells.

Cathedral Green, Wells.

Vicar's Close, Wells. Photo by Clive Barry.

Vicar’s Close, Wells. Photo by Clive Barry.

Source: http://www.wellsjournal.co.uk/Benedict-Cumberbatch-coming-Wells-Hollow-Crown/story-23062309-detail/story.html

Oct 08

Tom Hiddleston & his #ShakespeareSunday theme

In January 2014 during his run at Donmar’s Coriolanus we had the chance to ask Tom Hiddleston (The Hollow Crown’s Prince Hal/ Henry V) to pick a theme for our #ShakespeareSunday! He gave an inspired pick: TIME




#ShakespeareSunday was founded in October 2012 and you can discover more about our weekly Twitter fun HERE.

Oct 05

Glorious Amour Detail!

Ellen Crawshaw, a costume designer for The Hollow Crown, posted a close up of armour detail today on Twitter. Click on the image for full resolution and to see the lovely details.


Photo by Ellen Crawshaw

Photo by Ellen Crawshaw

Photo Source: https://twitter.com/LadyMissEllen/status/518840364145590272/photo/1

Oct 02

More Horses of The Hollow Crown

We’re not sure when these photos were taken but they show a majestic view of a cavalry of The Hollow Crown’s horses and soldiers on foot on the Ashridge estate. These photos are owned by Momo (@KmoonlightS on Twitter).


Ashridge Horses 3

Photo by Momo (@KmoonlightS) – The cavalry off in the distance.

Ashridge Horses 2

Photo by Momo (@KmoonlightS)

Photo by Momo (@KmoonlightS) - The Hollow Crown horses in Ashridge

Photo by Momo (@KmoonlightS) – The Hollow Crown horses in Ashridge

Source Tweet: https://twitter.com/KmoonlightS/status/517694047117668352/photo/1

Oct 01

The Hollow Crown’s Richard III

The first official photo from The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses was released today! (click on image for full resolution)

BC high res

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in The Hollow Crown

Oct 01

Introducing The Cast of The Hollow Crown: Richard III

The Hollow Crown: Richard III

The Hollow Crown: Richard III


Judi Dench (Cecily, Duchess of York), Benedict Cumberbatch (Richard III), Sophie Okonedo (Queen Margaret),

Keeley Hawes (Queen Elizabeth), Geoffrey Streatfeild (Edward IV), Sam Troughton (George),

Ben Daniels (Buckingham), James Fleet (Hastings) and Phoebe Fox (Anne).

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