May 19

Explore We Are Colony’s Hollow Crown collection

As the Hollow Crown finale airs on BBC2, we take a look at several films in which its acting royalty can be found…


Benedict Cumberbatch (Richard III) | Wreckers, Third Star


Cumberbatch is a second cousin sixteen times removed from the monarch he plays in Series Two of the Hollow Crown and after his well-received stint as Hamlet, is no stranger to Shakespeare. His appearances in two films on We Are Colony, however, are distinctly more modern. In British drama Wreckers, he plays a husband with a dark secret. And in Third Star, he portrays a young man suffering from cancer, capping off a duo of performances that testify to the range of one of the most in-demand actors of his generation.



Ben Whishaw (King Richard II) | The Lobster, Beat, The Muse


Whishaw gave a virtuoso performance as Richard II in the first Hollow Crown cycle and continues to prove himself an actor of great intuition and sensitivity. The comedic timing so cherished in his interactions with Daniel Craig’s Bond are on full display in the razor-sharp satire The Lobster, where he plays a limping man on the lookout for love. Whilst in short films Beat and The Muse, he embodies the extremes of human behaviour, from hopelessness to obsession, to potent effect.




Judi Dench (Cecily, Duchess of York) | Friend Request Pending


From Duchess to online dating rookie, Judi Dench brings a twinkle in her eye to every performance. In this short film from Chris Foggin whose directorial feature debut will premiere later this year, she plays a woman who must navigate the etiquette of Facebook flirting.




Tom Hiddleston (King Henry V) | Friend Request Pending


Hiddleston makes a charming cameo in the same short film; a laid-back, contemporary role that couldn’t be further from his battle-bound bravura performance as Prince Hal. Whether galloping on horseback, delivering a rallying speech or wading into war, Henry is a physically-demanding role for any thespian. So it’s no wonder Hiddleston felt the need to sit back and enjoy a post-Hollow Crown pint.




Hugh Bonneville (Gloucester) | Third Star


Best known to the masses as Lord Grantham, Hugh Bonneville takes on the role of Gloucester in the current series of Hollow Crown, a character whose fate unleashes the War of the Roses. Hugh can also be seen alongside Richard III (Cumberbatch) in Third Star, a “sobering tale of male friendship” set on Barafundle Bay in Wales.





Lambert Wilson (King Charles VI of France) | The Nostalgist


A staple of French cinema, Wilson is considered royalty in his native country, so it seems fitting he would play the beloved (or barking mad) monarch in the first series of the Hollow Crown. In short film The Nostalgist however, we’re transported to a future – rather than a past – where Wilson plays a father who must protect a beautiful, but illusory reality.



Stanley Weber (Duke of Orléans) | Not Another Happy Ending


Fellow Frenchman Stanley Weber played the Mad King’s son-in-law, who was also an accomplished poet, a trait that stands him in good stead for his role in literary rom-com Not Another Happy Ending. Weber plays the dashing publisher to Karen Gillan’s feisty young writer, in this whimsical Scottish film.



Check out the Hollow Crown collection over at We Are Colony.

Jun 11

#RenewTURN – muster the troops!



Redcoats, Bluecoats, Greencoats and rebels with a cause – lend us your ears!

The #RenewTURN tweet event last Monday was a great success despite lack of news from AMC about a third series. Fans and cast alike rallied on the tag and we mustered over 11,000 tweets!

Our man in New York informed us that the #RenewTURN hashtag trended!:

Robert Trending Here are a few examples of the great tweets of support from the cast of TURN:

Peggy tweet ian tweetCaleb tweet Roberts tweet


With lack of news from TURN HQ this is no time to rest on our laurels! We’d love to rally the fans in another task.

MISSION: Hit 1776 #RenewTURN tweets a day until we hit 10,000!

Be sure to tag @AMC_TV in your tweets so they hear our voices!


We need to show AMC the fans are on watch 24/7 across the globe and won’t be silent about their loyalty to the show, it’s cast and crew!


We really need your help to spread the word across the fandom!

With great love and admiration for the cast and crew of this fantastic series and all that they give to this fandom,

@HollowCrownFans (Lis & Rose) and @TurnOnAMC (Stina and Leah)

Apr 06

#ShakespeareSunday Trended on Twitter!

ss trending 5rh april 2015 3


For several hours on Easter Sunday (5 April) our hashtag trended in the UK on Twitter! Amusingly the theme was a ‘joke’ one from an April Fools joke earlier in the week. Our followers voted to keep ‘boobs & butts’ as the theme for real…and it trended! Very amused and chuffed by this event and milestone. Wonder if we’ll see it trend again one day!



Mar 19

Richard Reburied & #ShakespeareSunday

The Channel 4 ident for #richardreburied

The Channel 4 ident for #richardreburied

  Back in 2012 Richard III made headlines across the world when a skeleton was found under a Leicester car park in the remains of an old monastery by archaeologists from The University of Leicester. Richard III was the last of the Plantagenets and the last English king to die in battle (Bosworth, 1485). His resting place after death had been lost over time, which is until this historic discovery in September 2012 – 527 years later! This Sunday Richard’s remains will be brought back to the spot where he died in Fenn Lane Farm – near Bosworth Battlefield. There will be a procession from here through the county before reaching Leicester in the afternoon and ending when the bones are received into the cathedral that evening. Richard III will then be laid to rest at Leicester Cathedral on Thursday, March 26.

It is with great honour that The Richard III Visitor Centre and Leicester Cathedral accepted our invitation to pick a theme each for our #ShakespeareSunday dates that bookend this ‘Richard Reburied’ week. #ShakespeareSunday is a weekly event we (@hollowcrownfans) host on Twitter where we and our followers tweet favourite quotes from across Shakespeare’s work. For more info how to join in with us see HERE.

#ShakespeareSunday – Richard Reburied Special!

 Richard III Visitor Centre (@KRIIICentre)

DATE: 22 March

THEME: Flowers


Leicester Cathedral (@LeicsCathedral)

DATE: 29 March

THEME: Disgrace and Redemption


Hope you will join in with us #fortheloveofShakespeare and to start ‘Richard Reburied’ week with the bard!

For more information on Richard III and #RichardReburied check out the following links:

The Richard III Visitor Centre –

University of Leicester, The Discovery of Richard III –

Channel 4, Richard III: The Reburial –

Mar 06

Tom Hiddleston Returns to Henry V!

Tom Hiddleston as Henry V in 'The Hollow Crown'

Tom Hiddleston as Henry V in ‘The Hollow Crown’


Throughout the UK primary schools will be taking part in Shakespeare Week (16 – 22 March) and during this week a special production of Henry V will make it’s premiere. The production has a cast of 8 to 10 year-olds from Northumberland and features The Hollow Crown’s own Henry V, Tom Hiddleston, as narrator.


“With WillShake, Joe Talbot and Emily Blacksell have achieved something wonderful. They have completely reimagined the possibilities for children and their first contact with Shakespeare. Their Henry V film is fresh, dynamic and so lovingly crafted that it’s impossible not to stand up for it. Bravo.” – Tom Hiddleston


WillShake’s Henry V will be available to view for free exclusively on Digital Theatre Plus from Monday 16 March to celebrate Shakespeare Week, until Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23 April 2015.

For more info click here:



Feb 11

Shorty Campaign 2015

Short Hiddles


Become a part of changing the face of pop culture!

Every campaign has its keynote speech and as we take The Shorty Awards very seriously, we want to publish why we want your vote, why we need your vote, and why we deserve your vote.

The reason we want your vote first and foremost is to unequivocally demonstrate that Hollow Crown Fans is not just a machine that generates un-curated content that simply matches key words. It’s a social media network hand-run by two women that attempt to create a community, develop interaction, and to live by example that Shakespeare is for everyone. Most of us are taught some Shakespeare in school and many can find it a dry, boring, and tedious experience that belongs only to academia or those with a considerably advanced education. We choose to reject that notion. We believe Shakespeare is as relevant and vibrant today as he ever was, and attentive to the modern human condition. We also want your vote because the Shorty’s are judged by key players in the world of media and advertising. We have an opportunity – together – to show that industry that Shakespeare IS relevant today, that there IS an audience hungry for more television and film adaptations of his work, and that the Bard deserves a place at the head of the table with other pop culture icons we’re competing with. We want them to be blown away that the most active fansite community in social media right now has been founded on the shoulders of Shakespeare. That’s why we want your vote.

Why we need your vote? The only way to show the Shorty judges that this is indeed a community and not just a PR machine, we need your voices. The judges will not see the 1000 tweets on Sunday that demonstrate how alive Shakespeare is to all of us. But they will see your votes, your voices, your declaration that Shakespeare is a part of your life and what we do at Hollow Crown Fans helps facilitate that. We need to show the judges that Shakespeare is not the property of academia. He belongs to you, to all of us, together. Without you taking individual action to click the link or make the tweet to vote, we stay silent and no one hears us. We must have your voices to succeed. We’re over 100 votes out of 1st place, which may not seem like a lot but it’s a gap that is terribly hard to close. We can’t do it alone.

Why we deserve your vote is trickier to put into words. We hope we are worthy of your voices and your vote, that we are providing you a place of value. The Hollow Crown gave ourselves and audiences a refreshed take on Shakespeare’s history plays and it inspired us to create Hollow Crown Fans. And creating this community has been a work of love – we are not paid or compensated in any way for our work – work that requires incredible effort and commitment. We’ve only missed four #ShakespeareSundays in the last 2 1/2 years! Our Sundays last approximately 18 hours of reading every single one of your tweets, retweeting most of them. Those hours don’t include the behind the scenes work to make the graphics, to set our own content to share that day, or the work and, frankly, balls it takes to ask pillars of the Shakespeare community such as Sir Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel West, Norman Bowman, Christine Boylan, and Matt Ryan to brainstorm a theme to share with all of you. We also work with integrity. We know other fansites will give you paparazzi photos and rumours. But we’ve stuck to our principles to only promote what has been legitimately released by the production company or its actors, rather than sharing spoilers and diminishing the hard work of the cast and crew of The Hollow Crown.

To that end, we at Hollow Crown Fans are competing in The Shorty Award’s Fansite category against accounts that are 5-10 times our size (that’s no exaggeration!). Those fansites represent One Direction, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Paramore – big cultural icons. But we are are struggling to hang onto third place in this year’s Shorty Awards which is the minimum to be considered a finalist.  So we have a hard road ahead but we believe we are a passionate group of fans and have the power in our small but fierce numbers to make it happen!

So please, if you have an active Twitter account, visit our Shorty webpage to cast your vote:

or  if you prefer to not use their form, you can vote by simply tweeting:

I nominate @HollowCrownFans for a Shorty Award in #fansite because [insert reason here]

If you’re reading this, your vote is vital to our success! We want to surprise the hell ouf of The Shorty Awards jury that some Shakespeare account turned up as a finalist! #ForTheLoveOfShakespeare



We were not selected to be a finalist in Shorty‘s this year, made it to 4th place. We appreciate everyone’s votes and kind words during the campaign.

Jan 23

The Hollow Crown…in Lego!

THC lego 3 kings B


Every Sunday since October 2012 on @HollowCrownFans we run the tag #ShakespeareSunday (you can read more about this tag HERE), and one of the growing highlights for us and our followers have been the quotes matched with scenes in LEGO from tweeter @H_ShahSafavi. These even include fantastic replica scenes in LEGO from The Hollow Crown, with LEGO Ben Whishaw, Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston!

These fantastic tweets are the work of Helen Shahzadeh-Safavi and her son Rafael, who has just turned six! They are based in Port Pirie, South Australia.


- How did this come about?

It was Raf’s idea. I had logged on to one #ShakespeareSunday to tweet my quote when Raf looked over my shoulder to see a quote retweeted from Lego Loki/ @Loki_Lego. Well, he loves both The Avengers and LEGO so I was forced to divert and show him Lego Loki. I then explained the Tom Hiddleston link to The Hollow Crown, then explained the Shakespeare plays.

“So mum, the man who is Loki plays a king with knights and castles and swords and battles?”


“Oh wow! Mum, we can use my knights to make Lego Shakespeare!”

And so it began! I thought, ‘Yes! Nab him while he interested! What a great way to introduce him to Shakespeare’. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself!


- How do you decide what to photograph?

Primarily, it has to be a child friendly, (needless to say I’ve only let him watch certain parts of The Hollow Crown).

Secondly, I try to use famous quotes that are in common use to boost his general knowledge.

Thirdly, depends how much time we have!


- What has been your favourite photo to do?

Myself, it was the ‘Fathers’ them with Falstaff impersonating Henry IV in the Boars Head Tavern, such a great scene.

Raf, the recent ‘Winter’ theme because he got to use his new Arctic LEGO.


Lego Shakespeare Falstaff

Lego Shakespeare Artic


- How did you discover The Hollow Crown?

By happy accident! Sadly, the series hasn’t aired here in Australia! I had only signed up to Twitter purely to learn how it works as my hubby has a café and we were told businesses should use it. I searched a few things that fancied me, including ‘Shakespeare’ and up popped #ShakespeareSunday.

I watched a few clips on YouTube and bought the series from overseas.


- Do you have favourite characters/ scenes?

Oh there’s too many, so hard to choose between them but Ben Wishaw’s Richard II, Jeremy Irons’ Henry IV, Tom Hiddleston’s transferal from Hal to Henry V and Simon Russell Beale’s Falstaff are up there.

As for scenes, I like those with Henry V and Montjoy and I have a particular fondness for the banter between Falstaff & Hal, especially the pub scenes – is that because I’m Australian? Oh and ‘THE SLAP’ of course ;-)

As for Raf, I don’t know if I should be concerned but he loves Falstaff, “Because he’s a cheeky ratbag.” His favourite scenes would have to be the battle scenes, although “Francis”, “Anon, anon” appealed as I have a brother called Francis.


- Favourite Hollow Crown Lego tweets:

THC Lego 1 I like this one as Raf built this entirely on his own. I’m keen to know how the knights will eat through their helmets ;-) He just loved the idea of blokes camping & boasting about their armour!

THC lego 2
TENNIS BALLS – Raf couldn’t get over the “cheeky” Dauphin, “That’s funny”!!


- What are you most looking forward to in series 2?

Well for Raf, it’s the Battle of Boswoth, (he’s all for action) and the knights in armour.

Me, just how villainous and deformed will Benedict Cumberbatch actually portray Richard III. I personally don’t go for some performances of the past that border on the comical. I get the impression from the photos out there that he may be quite ‘normal’.

Also keen to see how they present the lines. ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ and ‘A horse, a horse’.

Oh, and the costumes!


Even a couple of the cast from The Hollow Crown have been entertained by Helen and Rafael’s work:

John Heffernan – Francis, Henry IV

Lego Shakespeare Francis

Edward Akrout – The Dauphin, Henry V

Lego Shakespeare Dauphin


Two of our favourite picks come from Richard II:

S.Sunday WaterA classic moment in the play and Lego Ben Whishaw really does steal the scene here! We love how Helen and Raf have really captured the costumes and setting from The Hollow Crown.

THC lego 7

That beautiful gold armour captured in Lego, and we love the effort to replicate the setting from the show!


With many more #ShakespeareSunday weekends on the horizon we cannot wait to see what Helen and Raf come up with next! A big thank you to them for taking so much time and sharing the fun.


Jan 22

#ShakespeareSunday ~ Star Picks!

#ShakespeareSunday was founded in October 2012, you can discover more about our weekly Twitter fun and how to join in HERE. Themes are not only picked by ourselves, the Hollow Crown Fans admins, but a number of our followers over the years have also chosen topics for us. We’ve been very lucky to have a few star guests pick #ShakespeareSunday themes:


Tom Hiddleston (The Hollow Crown’s Prince Hal/ Henry V) has tweeted with us on Sunday in the past and in January 2014, during his run at Donmar’s Coriolanus, we had the chance to ask Tom to pick a theme. He gave an inspired pick: TIME ss_Time2B Kenneth Branagh & Norman Bowman (MIF 2013: Macbeth & Ross) – honoured with having these two fantastic thespians give us a fantastic theme, and even a photo of Norman especially for the occasion! Their pick: TRAVEL & FAR OFF PLACES! ss_branagh   Samuel West – a great thespian and soon appearing as the Bishop of Winchester in The Hollow Crown: War of the Roses -  is a keen bird-watcher and picked: BIRDS & BEASTS! ss_birds   Matt Ryan (Fluellen in Michael Grandage’s Henry V, 2014 & the lead in Constantine) and Christine Boylan (television writer and producer, shows inc. Constantine, Castle & Once Upon A Time): DEMONS & DARKNESS / SPIRITS & MAGIC ss_mattryan_lulass_spiritsandmagic2

Jan 17

Luke Treadaway Interview: ‘Fortitude,’ ‘Unbroken,’ and ‘The Hollow Crown’

Luke Treadaway as scientist Vincent Rattray in Fortitude.

Luke Treadaway as scientist Vincent Rattray in Fortitude.

Luke Treadaway stars alongside Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Richard Dormer, Christopher Eccleston, and Sienna Guillory in the dramatic series Fortitude.  In addition to participating in a press conference to promote the show (2015 TCA winter press event, L.A.) Luke sat down for a one-on-one with Fred Topel.


Have you shot any other films before since Fortitude that are still to come out?


Luke Treadaway: “Since Fortitude? Wait, hang on, let me get my dates in order. Unbroken has just come out, that’s still on, that’s around, that’s out. Since Fortitude, I’ve shot of The Hollow Crown which is I think two of them, then we shot with Tom Hiddleston where they did Henry IV, I think. And I’ve just done Richard III playing the Earl of Richmond opposite Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III. We shot that a couple of months ago, I think. So, that was great. I had to learn to ride a horse and then learn to ride a horse in medieval armor with a sword and to charge into the Battle of Bosworth and fight with Benedict – so it’s very fun, yeah.”


As an actor, do you have a passion for Shakespeare?


Luke Treadaway: “When I see it, I sometimes feel passionate about it in a positive way. Sometimes I feel like it’s a really hard to tell plays that everyone has seen before a million times or knows, often knows, and to tell it in an exciting, original way and to give people the experience that they have when they’re watching a new play. I think it’s a real challenge as actors, as directors, in every part of the puzzle. When it’s done well, it can be beautiful and he is obviously, I don’t need to say this, it’s an amazing series and come out as really special. I think the Richard III that we filmed I think will be really wonderful with Benedict at the heart of it. I look forward to seeing it.”


Did Mr Treadaway just let a massive cat out the bag? We’re not sure…

“I’ve shot of The Hollow Crown which is I think two of them, then we shot with Tom Hiddleston where they did Henry IV, I think.”


For FULL interview click the following link:





Jan 16

Last day of filming for second series of The Hollow Crown!

THC Alnwick Castle  Jan 2015 Mail Online 6

Today marks not only the last day of filming at Alnwick Castle but the last of the second series of The Hollow Crown. Via The Mail Online have been able to confirm that in addition to Laura Frances-Morgan (Joan of Arc), Anton Lesser (Exeter) and Adrian Dunbar (Plantagenet) also in Alnwick filming.


THC last day of filming tweet 16th Jan 2015

Filming may finish today but we journey on ~  looking forward to interviews, official photos and an eventual release date!

“How sweet a thing it is to wear a crown,

Within whose circuit is Elysium,

And all that poets feign of bliss and joy.”

- Henry VI Part 3 (Act 1, Scene 2)

The Hollow Crown: War of the Roses



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