Dec 17

Hollow Crown to film at Alnwick Castle

alnwick Castle


The Northumberland Gazette is reporting that The Hollow Crown is to be filming at Alnwick Castle next year.


It is not known who or what will be filming in Alnwick, but it is thought to involve a large number of cast and crew, as part of the town’s Greenwell Lane car park behind the Castle has been reserved from January 10 to 17, according to Alnwick’s county councillor Gordon Castle.

The castle has been used before in various films and tv series including Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. No further details.


Dec 10

More from The Hollow Crown filming in Winchester

Hampshire Chronicle discovers The Hollow Crown set

Hampshire Chronicle discovers The Hollow Crown set


The press seemed a little late to the party in realising The Hollow Crown was filming at Winchester this time. Benedict Cumberbatch the name of the moment but no one sighted in costume – further news on scenes since our last entry.


Filming at The Great Hall, Winchester (Photo: Jasper Cresdee-Hyde)

Filming at The Great Hall, Winchester
(Photo: Jasper Cresdee-Hyde)


Filming at The Great Hall, Winchester (Photo: Jasper Cresdee-Hyde)

Filming at The Great Hall, Winchester
(Photo: Jasper Cresdee-Hyde)



Nov 24

Hollow Crown filming in Winchester

Winchester-Great-Hall The_Great_Hall_Winchester_Castle

The Hollow Crown filming has moved to Winchester, the Great Hall (building closed to public: 17th Nov- 10th Dec). This is “one of the finest surviving aisled halls of the 13th century” and is all that now remains of Winchester Castle.

More info on their website:


There was a call out online for extras with the following roles: ‘posh’ christening guests, soldiers, guards, servants, courtiers, lords & ladies, a physician, monks, a nun and a jester!


Sounds great fun!


Nov 21

Wall Street Journal interview with Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, known to fans as Sherlock Holmes and Richard III, takes on another complex character, math genius Alan Turing, in “The Imitation Game,” a film about cracking Germany’s Enigma code during World War II.

By Caryn James

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III

Mr. Cumberbatch’s heart may be with Turing, but his head is clearly in his current role. When he settles down for a one-on-one conversation, he begins to talk—sometimes so fast it’s a wonder he can breathe—about “Richard III,” delving into his process and research in great detail, intensely reciting lines from the play.

A photograph of him as Richard—Shakespeare’s black-hearted king, often depicted as a wizened hunchback—shows Mr. Cumberbatch sitting tall on a horse, his hump inconspicuous under a cloak flung glamorously over one shoulder.

“We figured there would be a certain amount of disguise going on in order for him to function as a luminary in the court and to be a figure of power,” he said.

That idea leads to his take on Richard’s psychology. “When you start talking about the entitlement that his family, the Plantagenets, are heir to—this beautiful, Adonis, athletic family, this sort of English Kennedy family—Richard is this dark embarrassment in the corner that everyone wants to quietly ignore or patronize, this disabled child. Being an outsider festers, and fosters the sociopathic, the anger and sense of entitlement to seize the crown.”


For full article click this link:

Nov 19

Hollow Crown heads to Dover

Dover Castle - photo by Lieven Smits

Dover Castle – photo by Lieven Smits

After the day’s filming in Gloucester it was already known across Twitter Benedict Cumberbatch was heading back to the UK from LA for more filming, that was at Berkeley Castle. We knew of filming heading to Dover but nothing of who was involved and where…until now!

The Dover Express has picked up the story:


A spokesman for Dover Castle confirmed filming has been taking place on site since Monday and is due to finish tomorrow.


It is thanks to James Fleet’s tweet we can take a guess for at least one of the scenes being filmed:

James Fleet THC tweet 19th Nov 2014


Note: Thanks to @Cumberbuddy, reminded that despite what the local Dover press might say it is highly unlikely Benedict Cumberbatch will be at Dover, unless he makes it tomorrow!

The castle is a fantastic place to visit, find out more about it on their website: HERE

Nov 16

Casting for the role of Henry VII Revealed

In a glaring omission from the prior full cast announcement, the casting of Henry VII was a mystery until this week. In an interview with BookD Podcast, Luke Treadaway announced he plays Richmond (aka Henry VII) in Richard III.


I have just finished filming The Hollow Crown series – the new Hollow Crown – Richard III with Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s playing Richard III. So I was on that for a few weeks playing Richmond at the end of that episode. – Luke Treadaway

Luke Treadaway will be playing Henry Tudor in The Hollow Crown: Richard III

Luke Treadaway will be playing Henry Tudor in The Hollow Crown: Richard III

Though Luke does not appear to have any Shakespeare credits to his name, he has done some impressive theatre work, appearing as Albert in the original cast of War Horse as well as appearing in the original cast of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time as Christopher.

You can listen to the full BookD podcast here:

Nov 12

Hollow Crown filming moves to Berkeley Castle

Berkeley castle


From 11th November it seems filming for The Hollow Crown has taken up residence at Berkeley Castle. Many of the main cast seem to be involved in scenes here, including Tom Sturridge (Henry VI) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Richard III). This is a beautiful building with an incredible past. Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream was written for a Berkeley family wedding!

– to learn more about Berkeley Castle see their website:

Nov 10

Brief second visit to Gloucester for series 2

Reports were accurate that The Hollow Crown was only in town for a day’s worth of filming, we snapped this shot from outside:

The Hollow Crown filming at Gloucester Cathedral

The Hollow Crown filming at Gloucester Cathedral


Not much to see all day, actors involved thought to be: Ben Miles & Adrian Dunbar – according to local newspaper The Citizen. They also cite tweets from various people…don’t seem to have picked up @HollowCrownFans, tut! ;-)

It is thanks to them we have one photo and a brief description of the set.


Filming took place in the garden area at the centre of the cathedral in an area known as The Garth.

 The small pond was covered in flowers for the shots.
beautiful display of flowers in the garden in the centre of the Cathedral - photo by @GlosCitizen

beautiful display of flowers in the garden in the centre of the Cathedral – photo by @GlosCitizen

Sadly we cannot offer any more information now or at a future date about the filming in Gloucester, no peasants on set!


Nov 09

The Hollow Crown returns to Gloucester!

This means more to us personally than you might realise for our journey began with The Hollow Crown coming to Gloucester in 2012 to film scenes from Henry IV and Henry V. We look forward to seeing the wonderful cathedral on the small screen again!

Gloucester Cathedral, Jan 2012 - Photo by @HollowCrownFans

Gloucester Cathedral, Jan 2012 – Photo by @HollowCrownFans


The Hollow Crown crews descended on the Cathedral on Friday to start preparing the building for filming on Monday. No cast has been confirmed yet for attending, Benedict Cumberbatch currently busy in LA so very unlikely to be there. As we understand it just one day of filming is on the cards.

beautiful display of flowers in the garden in the centre of the Cathedral - photo by @GlosCitizen

beautiful display of flowers in the garden in the centre of the Cathedral – photo by @GlosCitizen


A cathedral spokesman said: “Gloucester Cathedral is a magnificent building with a long history and we get a large number of film companies interested in using it as a backdrop for their productions.

“On this occasion, the BBC will be returning to Gloucester Cathedral on Monday for one day to film scenes for the second series of The Hollow Crown, its adaption of Shakespeare’s history plays. As many people will remember from two years ago, the BBC used the cathedral to film scenes from Henry IV, and we are always happy to have them back.


Nov 02

The Telegraph: Benedict Cumberbatch interview

cumberbatch telegraph 1st Nov 2014Whilst this interview for The Telegraph is mainly about The Imitation Game it begins with talking about filming for The Hollow Crown:


There is, at first, a moment of confusion. Benedict Cumberbatch is filming Richard III for the BBC’s Hollow Crown series, and yesterday, or so the publicist from the film company tells me, he fell off a horse. He’s feeling stiff and has needed a massage. Things are running a little late.

It is Saturday lunchtime at a grand London hotel, and I am parked in a suite waiting to talk to Cumberbatch about his latest film, The Imitation Game, in which he plays the code-breaker Alan Turning. When he comes in – tall and rangy, dressed in a checked shirt and a quilted leather jacket – he moves and talks quickly, a fistful of nervous energy. Shades of Sherlock.

I hear, I say, that you’ve had an accident and fallen off your horse. He looks puzzled. ‘Oh no, that’s picking up fag ends…’ Fag ends? ‘That thing of going, “He’s had an accident…”’ He rolls his eyes. ‘I haven’t had an accident. I’m playing Richard III.’ Nor, it turns out, had he fallen off a horse. He can do all his own sword-fighting, but falling off horses is forbidden under insurance provisions: he just fell into shot, as if he’d fallen off a horse.

‘I was running round in the mud having a lot of fun. I mean proper mud, with men in real armour with real swords, fighting to the death. It was incredible – one of those moments where I had to pinch myself.’



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