Jun 11

#RenewTURN – muster the troops!



Redcoats, Bluecoats, Greencoats and rebels with a cause – lend us your ears!

The #RenewTURN tweet event last Monday was a great success despite lack of news from AMC about a third series. Fans and cast alike rallied on the tag and we mustered over 11,000 tweets!

Our man in New York informed us that the #RenewTURN hashtag trended!:

Robert Trending Here are a few examples of the great tweets of support from the cast of TURN:

Peggy tweet ian tweetCaleb tweet Roberts tweet


With lack of news from TURN HQ this is no time to rest on our laurels! We’d love to rally the fans in another task.

MISSION: Hit 1776 #RenewTURN tweets a day until we hit 10,000!

Be sure to tag @AMC_TV in your tweets so they hear our voices!


We need to show AMC the fans are on watch 24/7 across the globe and won’t be silent about their loyalty to the show, it’s cast and crew!


We really need your help to spread the word across the fandom!

With great love and admiration for the cast and crew of this fantastic series and all that they give to this fandom,

@HollowCrownFans (Lis & Rose) and @TurnOnAMC (Stina and Leah)

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